NMS Nemesis - ETH


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Use the Staking Calculator: digit the number of tokens to be staked to see the related plan rewards amount.

The percentages exposed are on annual base.

Transfer the number of Tokens to be staked to the published
"NMS Nemesis ETH Stacking Wallet" 0xa2154D33Fd29A6F82B4a29E59E31Da90fC8ECB92

ONLY send NMS Nemesis ETH ERC20 token.

Before transfer read carefully the warning below.

Digit your email, wallet used to send the tokens and Transaction Hash. After the staking period Tokens + Rewards will be sent to the same wallet address upon your confirmation that wallet still operative.

Before proceeding read PrivacyAMLNFA

please make sure you’re visiting https://www.nemesiswealthprojects.org – check the URL carefully and check you are in our website with SiteLock – Do not open the Staking page through a link, always digit our home page address in your browser and go to the Staking page.