Nemesis Wealth Projects



Nemesis is a long-term ecosystem project of Nemesis Wealth Projects Ltd.  All activities, assets and  website services are released by the Company and/or supplied as-it-is by external links/providers under their brand. The company’s purpose is to offer value to those who are involved in trade, business, art, and charitable activities by creating wealth for the community. Management Board has years of experience in crypto industry and the Team of youthful developers and international DeFi experts is mainly located in EU. Actually NMS is driven and supported by an increasing group of volunteers. All new holders are part of the Team, we are you.

Ecosystem Explained

When we talk about a Blockchain ecosystem, we’re referring to a set of components that interact with one another and with the rest of the world to create a unique environment. The cryptocurrency ecosystem based on Blockchain, for example, is made up of people who use cryptocurrencies to receive and transmit currency, cryptocurrency miners who generate cryptocurrency, investors who buy cryptocurrency, and developers who write programs connected to this system and network and develop it. It is impossible for one part of the system to function without the other.

Cryptocurrency ecosystem users are members of blockchain ecosystems who profit from the network while preserving control over their personal information. The most crucial component is the user, who enriches the system with daily transactions like buying, selling, investing, and HODLING. The value and significance of each cryptocurrency is mostly determined by user interaction. Users, on the other hand, are given no control over the network’s active management.

Investors dominate the Blockchain ecosystem. After talking with industry experts, they discovered that Blockchain’s future investment potential will be far higher than it is presently. These people want to invest in a variety of projects in order to profit from the Blockchain’s expansion. The third part of the ecosystem is the investors. The Blockchain ecosystem is controlled by investors. They’re drawn in because they know the investment potential of Blockchain in the future will be substantially higher than it is currently. The investors intend to invest in a variety of projects in order to profit from the Blockchain’s expansion.

The fourth component of the ecosystem is its miners. Since Bitcoin is a decentralized system, it requires decentralized labor to keep it running. Miners, who contribute to the infrastructure’s upkeep and are compensated with newly minted bitcoin, make up this workforce. Miners confirm previous transactions on the Blockchain architecture and upload fresh transaction data to the Blockchain network infrastructure throughout the mining process. Miners should be able to figure out what kind of encryption is being used in transaction data. They compete with other miners to decrypt each transaction’s codes. Any miner who can decode the transaction faster will receive a portion of the transaction.

Lastly, blockchain developers are divided into three categories: Blockchain Engineers (who create the shells of software products and implement complex algorithms), Blockchain Programmers (who create blockchain-based products and web interfaces), and Smart Contract Developers (who are directly involved in the preparation and maintenance of smart contracts as well as solving applied problems that arise during the operation of the blockchain service). Developers are a group of experts working to develop the structure and functionality of the Blockchain network on a regular basis in order to make it more useful.

We are Hodlers

Founder and Team of Nemesis Wealth Projects are diamond hands, active and respected in the crypto community. Team is fully doxxed with registered KYC and skilled on crypto management.

We concentrate on the tasks at hand. The Nemesis team will do everything possible to help the community.

The Nemesis Ecosystem is entirely community-driven. Since the community is our priority.

Everyone has easy access. Transaction fees and taxes for $NMS are not collected by the Team.

Team is working towards price increase and maintaining price stability. The Nemesis $NMS token may see price fluctuations at first, but after it reaches a critical number of users, there will be an inherent incentive for price stability and long term growth as store-of-value asset.

The Nemesis Ecosystem is built on trust. The Team can be trusted, we will never deceive the community or influence negatively  the price of $NMS.