Nemesis Wealth Projects Launches New DeFi Payment Gateway with Banxa

“Our partnership with Banxa will provide a bridge that allows people easier access to DeFi,” says Nemesis Wealth Projects founder Sadt. “With this new payment gateway, our investors can conduct all their transactions on the Nemesis Platform.” The Nemesis payment gateway is designed to manage investment risk so that users can focus on the growth […]

Nemesis Wealth Projects provides easy access to DeFi

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a system for making financial products available on a decentralized blockchain network that is open to the public. DeFi refers to a system in which buyers, sellers, lenders, and borrowers interact peer to peer or with a strictly software-based middleman rather than a company or institution facilitating a transaction using […]

Nemesis Wealth Projects launches token platform ecosystem

Money is used in almost every industry and by nearly every individual. People use money to buy products and services for everyday use, whereas international corporations use it for business transactions. Even though money has such a powerful influence on the lives of everyone on the planet, it has always been under the control of […]

Nemesis Wealth Projects Crypto Burning Explained

The phrase “cryptocurrency burning” creates the imagery of an investor setting fire to tangible money. Of course, that is not physically possible because digital currencies only exist in a virtual form. In reality, cryptocurrency burning is the process of digital currency miners and developers removing tokens or crypto coins from circulation to reduce the total […]

Nemesis Wealth Projects Builds An Accessible DeFi Ecosystem

While the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry was built to prioritize decentralization, sometimes DeFi projects put too much control into the hands of developers. This is usually done with good reason, allowing the project developers to develop the platform further and fix issues as fast as possible. However, this level of control can create a centralized […]