Buy Nemesis


To buy, send, receive and hold Crypto Currencies (Tokens) you first need a digital Wallet, the digital version of your financial accounts.

We suggest MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, Crypto Defi the most trusted and safe online wallets.

Metamask is available both as Mobile App and as Desktop Extension for Chrome Browser and it can store Tokens on several blockchains (driven on Ethereum ERC20). Better on desktop version do not allow purchases of BSC tokens on some Payment Gateways.

Trust Wallet is available as Mobile App only, quick and with many functions it recognize and stores automatically major tokens even on different blockchains (driven by BSC). Versatile and friendly, we suggest Trust Wallet especially for BSC tokens trading. Accepted by most of Payment Gateways. Defi wallet is a dual use as Mobile App and Desktop Extension for Chrome Browser. Manage 500+ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), DeFi coins and provide basic Info Listing at .

Coinbase is the wallet of Coibase Exchange but can also handle DeFi ERC-20 tokens as NMS. Available both on Mobile and as Chrome  Browser Extension. Check this page for more info on buying NMS Nemesis with the Coinbase Wallet:

Of course, there are a pletora of wallets available with slight differences and features, but always check website address before App/Extension download and the token contract on Etherscan or BscScan Explorers before purchase assets.

After installing your wallet you are ready to enter in the crypto world. 

Stay safe and be careful. Always DYOR  (Do Your Own Research) before enter in a DeFi new project: explore the tokens’ website, socials as twitter and telegram, chart, contract, etc.


Buy Crypto

There are many payment services to buy crypto online with credit cards and bank transfer.

Here you will find safe and reliable payment gateways with KYC function (Know your Customer) or with direct purchase.

These selected Payment Gateways allows to buy the major Tokens on several different chains with 0% commissions or the lowest costs available on market.

To swap ETH or BSC coins to NMS Nemesis Tokens you need to have the paired Token in your wallet: on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) you need to buy ETH, on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) you need to buy BNB.

We suggest to use Banxa Gateway for ETH with Metamask and Moonpay Gateway for both BSC and ETH coins with Trust Wallet. 

Ramp Network is an easy interface to purchase with Sepa and Bank Transfer. Allows credit Card and Apple Pay too.

Transak Gateway allows several payments as Credit Card, Sepa Transfer and Apple Pay with a friendly user interface.

 Another platform available thru Metamask is Wyre Gateway suitable for payments up to 250$ (demo link only – Wyre works opened in Metamask only).

Please be aware that you always need in your wallet some ETH (average 30$) or BNB (average 2$) to pay the Gas Fees to make the swap transactions to NMS.

Check the Ethereum Gas Chart to find the best time/day to save on your swap expenses.


Finally you can swap your ETH for NMS Nemesis tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Connect your wallet and select your Token in the list (Token to Sell) then place the NMS Nemesis contract in the Select Token field (Token to Buy – NMS Nemesis ETH by default).

NMS Nemesis Contract (Erc20):


NEMS The Nemesis Contract (Erc20): 


CAUTION: always check the contract to avoid to buy a clone.

Pancake Swap

Finally you can swap your BNB for NMS Nemesis tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Select TRADE NOW then select your Token (Token to Sell – Default BNB) and place the contract address in the SELECT A TOKEN field (Token to Buy).

You need to import NMS Nemesis Tokens placing the Contract.

NMS Nemesis Wealth Projects BSC Contract (BEP20): 0x8cb4FDB148d87f7Ec493e69391347bDd3Ff1163f

CAUTION: always check the contract to avoid to buy a clone.

Multi-Chain Swap

We offer a Multi-Chain gateway to swap a multitude of tokens thru the 6 most popular blockchains.

You can swap ETH (Erc20) to NMS Nemesis Tokens BSC (BSC) and vice versa swap BNB (BSC) to NMS Nemesis (ETH). Due to the variable gas fees applied by the Ethereum Network always check carefully the commissions applied for the transaction. Gas fees for BSC usually are below 2$ but for ETH they may vary from 10$ to 100$ and over.

Check the Ethereum Gas Chart to find the best time/day to save on your swap expenses.

1inch Dex Exchange

1inch makes exchanging easier and faster by aggregating various decentralized exchanges -or DEX- in a single interface, including Uniswap, SushiSwap, Balancer, Curve, Clipper and many more. 1inch scans decentralized exchanges to find the lowest cryptocurrency prices for traders.

Place the NMS ETH or BSC contract in the “select a token” field after selecting the relative blockchain.

CAUTION: always check the website address to be sure you are in the legit website and check contract to avoid to buy a clone.