While the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry was built to prioritize decentralization, sometimes DeFi projects put too much control into the hands of developers. This is usually done with good reason, allowing the project developers to develop the platform further and fix issues as fast as possible. However, this level of control can create a centralized model in an environment that is, in fact, designed to be decentralized. This can be risky because it exposes investors to the risk of having their funds misused.

In order to address these concerns, DeFi developers are now building more community- driven platforms. In these platforms, the developers work on the initial problems that pop up shortly after launch and then hand over governance to the community, creating a fully decentralized model.

Why decentralization benefits investors

People are leaving traditional centralized financial institutions like banks in favor of more decentralized spaces because of the proliferation of fraud in the more centralized systems. Banks are notorious for making people jump through hoops for their money when they need it most, or even denying that there is any money in someone’s savings account. A decentralized environment such as the DeFi space is built to be more transparent and trustworthy. Thanks to its open-source nature, anyone can go into the blockchain that a specific DeFi asset runs on to check for problems.

The DeFi industry was built specifically to cut down on the risks of fraud, corruption and mismanagement of assets. Since DeFi investors operate outside a controlled space, they no longer need to meet unreasonable demands when they need their money. Conducting transactions in DeFi is much more cost-effective and hassle-free since investors no longer need to worry about the cost of a wire transfer or long waiting times at the bank.

How Nemesis Wealth Projects is transforming the DeFi space

Nemesis Wealth Projects is a collection of software and applications designed to make it easier for both seasoned investors and newbies to access DeFi. The upcoming friendly APP Wallet+Buy feature will allow users to quickly buy and safely store DeFi assets in their mobile phones. The developers also plan to add a Swap+Shop function to allow token holders to shop anywhere in the world using their tokens. When combined, these assets are designed to make everyday use of DeFi products easier, even for the most novice investor.

At the heart of the Nemesis Ecosystem is the $NMS Token, which is built to grow in value over time. By building features such as a monthly burning plan into the ecosystem, Nemesis Wealth Projects ensures the continued scarcity and progressive appreciation of the $NMS Token. Once they’re released, all $NMS Tokens are protected in 4 Nemesis Ecosystem sections, each representing a different use-case.

Under the Financial Services section, tokens are linked to financial services with a speculative appeal. The Art & Charity section is dedicated to the sponsorship of emerging artists and support of international charitable causes. Part of these tokens are donated to international oganizations that participate in child support, ecology and animal rescue efforts. The Meme & Gaming section supports the creation of meme tokens that appeal to gamers. These tokens are released on inexpensive gas fees chains and targeted as service tokens to game companies. Finally, the Business Services tokens are designed to be used by companies as rewards, benefits and bonuses for their employees.

Why should you invest in the Nemesis Wealth Projects ecosystem?

The team behind the Nemesis Ecosystem is a group of crypto experts who are dedicated to creating wealth for the average DeFi investor. This team is led by Nemesis Wealth Projects founder “Sadt”, who is a respected member of the crypto community. This means that you have access to a trusted authority, someone who is invested in building the platform in the best way for the community.

The Nemesis Ecosystem is also 100% community-driven, so you can rest assured that your feedback will be taken into account in the expansion of the platform. The Nemesis team does not collect fees or taxes from transactions, thus keeping transaction costs low. Finally, the team is dedicated not only to price increase but also price stability.

The team behind Nemesis Wealth Projects is on a mission to create wealth for the community and add value to people who are involved in business, art and charity activities. They swear by their motto: “We strive every day for our holders’ wealth.”