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The Early Stage Project with a bright future ahead.

Ethereum Chain

Ethereum Chain

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain


The financial section of Nemesis Ecosystem starts actually with the Nemesis Governance Tokens $NMS Nemesis on ETH and Nemesis on BSC blockchains. Created to sustain the growth and to release specific financial services. $NMS Nemesis Tokens are independent assets each one with different features for better performances.

Art & Music

Tokens in this section will embrace our heart and soul. Sponsorship of emerging artists with a worldwide standing will return huge benefit by their large audience on socials. Part of revenues gradually donated in charity to international organization active in Child Support, Ecology and Animal Rescue.

Meme Gaming Metaverse

Meme Tokens gained an important role in the crypto industry... some are just esotic trading assets, some have a story to tell. Here we offer ludic and metaverse dedicated Assets. Targeted as service tokens for Gaming, one of them may become the next Shiba (never know).

Business Services

Tailored Tokenization Services as Development and Management of your brand Token. They can be used by general companies as benefit for their employees either as bonus for Customers and Sales force.
We think this will be a new attractive and wide market in the future.

We are DeFi

Our mission is to create a Platform Incubator Website using cutting-edge technology that provides services and assets for a simpler and safer entry into the DeFi space, especially for beginner investors. As we progress as a business, the Nemesis website will gradually be updated with new partnerships, features and apps.
Our tokens are Store-of-Value saving oriented assets and aim to support the project development.
We are grateful for the support and trust of our growing community, the team will act with honesty and truth to deserve it.

Nemesis aim to contribute to make access to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) easier for “non-experts” so that cryptocurrencies are not reserved exclusively for professionals, but become, albeit with the risks of any other financial asset, a form of saving and long-term investment for all.

Nemesis is made up of several areas each pointed at a specific target. The tokens (the so-called cryptocurrencies) are currently: $NMS NEMESIS (ETH) main token is the first deployed and the main asset of Nemesis, it’s available in Uniswap Exchange on the Ethereum Network. $NMS “NEMESIS BSC” on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC is the blockchain, Pancakeswap the exchange) is a corporate token accessible to smaller investors due to the lower purchase costs; 

NMS Nemesis cryptocurrencies have the Blue Checkmark, a judgment of merit issued by the main blockchains ETH and BSC as “qualified” assets. All of them build the Nemesis Ecosystem that will be expanded and strengthened by new assets, partnerships with projects in the blockchain, entry of new institutional investors and, of course, with the release of new services and assets aimed at an easier, guided and safe access to DeFi.



Nemesis ETH was launched by a group of crypto investors with the aim to release an easier access to DeFi through a web platform.

The Token $NMS Nemesis, was created on the Ethereum Mainnet under the Financial Services division.

Launch of the official Nemesis website as a Services Releasing Platform with integration of Multi-Chain and Swap Services.

Creation of a second Token named “NMS Nemesis Wealth Projects BSC” on the BSC Network as independent asset to attract the Bsc investors.

Website integration of a global banking application for acquiring cryptocurrencies using credit cards for both desktop and mobile devices.

Tokens listed in several Exchanges and Crypto Listings as CoinMarketCap, Coingeko, and many others.
Safety Audits passed as well as the Blue Checkmark both in Etherscan and BscScan.


Project Marketing Starting. Banner Global Campaign, newsletters, social activities, influencers. Marketing actions will go on.


Increase of the community and holders number.

Attract long term investors.

Sponsorships in Art, Sport and Music to enhance visibility.

Partnership with companies in innovative technology industries.

Establish partnerships in the area of Metaverse and Gaming.